Village Historique Acadien

Driving Distance (km): 174
Drive Time (minutes): 112
5 rue du Pont Bertrand (NB) E1W 0E1, New Brunswick, Canada

Step into a real Acadian time with the interpreters as they go about their chores in period buildings; view fields and farmyards stocked with animals that the early Acadians raised to support themselves. The atmosphere and authenticity of the site’s historical reconstruction provide you of memorable moments in a pastoral setting, evoking the living conditions of the Acadians. It brings to life the ancestral customs and traditional trades of Acadians from 1770 to 1949. The memory of this charming place and its inhabitants will stay with you long after you leave. This is a perfect opportunity to discover the beauty and uniqueness of the village while strolling 2.5 km (1.6 mi.) around the premises.

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