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22 Apr
The best Glamping experience- eco-friendly and adventurous

It is that pandemic escape you've been aiming to take. It's that break from the hustle and bustle you are looking for. Consider...

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12 Apr
Kouchibouguac natural beauty through a photographer’s lens!

We are all longing for a change of pace. Since COVID-19 hit the world, everyone had to adjust to the pandemic realities, which ...

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12 Apr
Experience Spring in All Its Glory

Blooming flowers, singing birds, renewing nature can only mean spring season has arrived, a breath-taking time of the year. As ...

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24 Mar
The Séjour Kouchibouguac Resort experience by Janik Bourque

What does wellness look like to you? For me, this weekend I found my wellness by staying in a cabin in the woods, at the Séjour...

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08 Mar

Our latest experience at Séjour Kouchibouguac Resort was just what we needed to clear our minds and reset from the rumble of th...

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02 Mar
Tobogganing Kouchibouguac Resort

Tobogganing at Séjour Kouchibouguac Resort. Most of you guys must have childhood adventures and memories about tobogganing d...

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24 Feb
lodging new brunswick canada
Lodging New Brunswick Canada

Lodging new brunswick canada,Spend time with family but still have your own space. This cabin has 3 private bedrooms with solid...

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24 Feb
Cameron’s mill covered bridge
Cameron’s mill covered bridge

Cameron’s mill covered bridge, bridges have Been introduced into our world Since the mid-us 1700 s in Switzerland. The first b...

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30 Jul
Playpark or playground
A Weekend at Séjour Kouchibouguac Resort

As I was doing my research on this company, I was met with some troubling reviews. Most just stated that the place was outdated...

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03 Jul
Cottage Rentals in New Brunswick

Summer cottage life and stress management go hand in hand. Finding tranquillity and solace inside a rustic, charming cottage al...

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