ACTIVITIES Explore Kouchibouguac


Less than 15 minutes

Experience one of our star activities of the summer with clamming; edible shells that are usually caught at low tide. They are found much more, buried in the sand of our wonderful seas on Callenders, Kelly and Parlee beaches. A perfect activity to do as a family or individually to relieve all your stress and take your mind off things. Professionals or amateurs ? This activity is for you.

Are your an avid or even an occasional fisher? This activity is for you. It consists of an incredible experience of discovering the many rivers we have nearby such as the Miramichi River, which is located 25 minutes away from us and on the beautiful Miramichi River. A family activity as well as an individual one, allowing you to spend time together, clear your mind and enjoy the fresh air and tranquility along our rivers.

Strengthen and mobilize more your joints and muscles with our three different golf courses nearby. The first is St. Ignace Golf Club, located just 10 minutes away, with lush green 18-hole courses, indoor games, a pro store and restaurant/lounge. The second is Miramichi Golf & Country Club, a semi-private facility inviting golfers of all skill levels and featuring one of the most challenging 18-hole courses in the Northeast, with a banquet hall for events and located 35 minutes away. The third is Bouctouche Golf, a nature course located 5 minutes from downtown Bouctouche, with 18 holes, 8 of which are water hazards with a slightly higher difficulty level.

The Aqua Kent Center in St. Louis in an indoor public pool, community hall, athletic area, soccer, and softball fields, as well as a tennis court.

Want to get in shape? We invite you to come and visit the GAS Gym and Wellness Centre in Richibucto. An activity that will allow you to socialize more, to improve your morale, to relax, to train better, to gain more confidence and to get a good night’s sleep.

Create your own experience with our physical activity of paddling and recreation. A fun outdoor activity on the water that allows you to explore all the beautiful nature around the Kouchibouguac River. A perfect activity for people who love adventure. You can enjoy it alone or with other people. The choice is yours.

Paddle boarding is one of our refreshing physical activities that is done in the sea with the help of a board specially designed to move with the hands. For this, we have Callenders beach, Kellys beach and Parlee beach; three wonderful beaches that will ensure you have an incredible paddle boarding experience throughout the summer and overcome your inner fear.

A family or individual activity, allowing you to explore all the beautiful surroundings with the help of a boat that you will pedal on the water. You will have the possibility to do it either on the sea or the river. A truly relaxing activity, which allows you to breathe in the fresh air that resides around the seas and rivers.

A perfect activity for mountain bike enthusiasts who do not want to do it on rough terrain to avoid any risks. We have perfect flat terrain that will allow you to fully enjoy this leisure activity with your mountain bike, while having fun and staying safe. This is one of the sports activities of pure leisure that you can do individually or in groups.

Less than 30 minutes

A visit to one of the few remaining large dunes in the Northumberland Strait of New Brunswick, located in the north of the town of Bouctouche. This event is designed not only to fully explore the Bouctouche Dune, but also to provide an incredible learning experience while admiring the Dune’s wilderness and salt marsh such as interpretive signs, public tours, a long boardwalk, interactive and free educational programs.

This activity consists of a tour of the Green Bear Farm, our local farm in Kouchibouguac, to introduce you to our environment and to connect you to our local food sources. This activity consists of a live tour of the production of dairy products and the collection of fresh organic produce, as well as free-range eggs and meat.

Horseback riding is one of our leisure activities that allows you to experience riding at the stables of Red Orchard Stables, located 20 minutes away from us. You have the possibility to do boarding, group riding lessons, pony birthday parties, cleaning and dyeing of adhesives, while having a guaranteed fun.

Enjoy an incredible experience with this activity, tasting all the best wines at our 3 wonderful wineries in the area. We have the Richibucto River Wine Estate, which has an impeccable view of the Richibucto River, with 20 acres of manicured vineyards and quality local wines. Also, the Magnetic Hill Winery located in Moncton and the Maury-Camping at the farm “Les Vins de l’Acadie (Winery)”.


On Site

Hiking and walking trails can be found close by at the Kouchibouguac national park, we are lucky to have one of them starting right beside our resort. There is a variety of trail distances from 0.9 km to 11.3 km with different types of difficulty such as flatter surfaces or more elevated. It is a perfect winter activity for all ages surrounded by beautiful nature and wildlife.

Rentals are 2 minutes from chalets: Fat biking is an excellent activity available year-round with groomed and well-maintained trails when the weather permits. A fat bike is an off-road bicycle with oversized tires designed to ride on soft terrains like snow. This sport that has been growing popular in the last few years was made to enjoy biking in all of the seasons. With over 60km of trails available you will have plenty of options.

A perennial winter favourite, you can explore Kouchibouguac’s National Park many kilometres of trails which you can access directly from our site.

Rentals are 2 minutes from chalets: Patterson Hill is the place to be during winter time to go sliding and tobogganing down the snowy hills. From the Pijeboogwek parking lot, the hill can be found only 2 km away along the snowshoeing trail.The Patterson shelter is also open to the public to warm up between the time spent having fun on the hills.

Cross-country skiing is accessible close by the resort where 15 km of marked trails are located. Whether it be classic or skate skiing trails. Along the paths, warming huts are also available with firewood. There are dry toilets and picnic tables at different locations along the way to allow you to take a break.It is a fun way to explore nature and get some good exercise all at once.

Bring your furry friend in our pet friendly environment along the beautiful walking trails nearby. You’ll have a great time enjoying the fresh air of Kouchibouguac.

Geocaching is a recreational activity that will take you on an adventure all around to find hidden objects by locating them on an online GPS. It is a fun and rewarding activity that combines hiking and treasure hunting that is great for all the family.

The Kouchibouguac area is surrounded by beautiful nature year-round and offers nature tours by guides that are very knowledgeable of the region. They will be able to teach you more about the region, the culture and nature.

For all the bird Watching enthusiasts, along the Kouchibouguac nature trails you will be able to encounter with a variety of different birds like blue jays and northern saw-whet owl to name a few. Kouchibouguac is home to many bird species that makes a perfect wildlife observation experience.

Snowmobile and Quad trails run adjacent to the resort. We are lucky to have such close access to wonderful snowmobile trails groomed and ready for all types of snowmobile enthusiast. The Kent North area is a wonderful place for this type of activity. A fun filled weekend awaits you in the great outdoors.

We offer to all our guests individual campfire pitsto enjoy year-round beside the cabins. Cozy up with your camping chair beside the fire and roast up some marshmallows to relax after a full day packed withfun activities.

Beautiful places around the area are available for picknicks beside the water or along the Kouchibouguac trails. A good lunch is always better in nature.

Right on our resort grounds, you will find in the front of the reception, a playground for young children with swings and a slide.

With the dark-sky preserves from the Kouchibouguac national park, the visibility of the night sky is perfect for stargazing. The dark-sky preserve is a way for Parks Canada to protect and preserve the ecosystems, reduce energy consumption and reduce the light pollution. In the calm night, stargazing will make you feel at ease and relaxed.

Less than 5 minutes away

The AquaKent center in Saint-Louis has an excellent recreational infrastructure including an indoor public pool with public swim times.

Less than 15 minutes away

We have numerous rivers nearby – 5 to 15 minutes:  The Kent North area is surrounded by many rivers for ice fishing amateurs. Ice fishing is a relaxing activity that helps you connect to nature.

The Imperial Kent North centre is located in Richibucto and offers public skating in the winter season. Newly built, this centre is up to date and well managed.

Less than 30 minutes away

Sight-seeing, tours and tastings–16 minutes: Maple sugar camps offer traditional activities in spring time when the maple syrup is ready to be made. Here you can taste the freshly made syrup.

Sleigh rides are a calm and relaxing activity to enjoy nature with friends and family. Along the wooded area sleigh rides are experienced during the day or can also be during the night under the sky light and stars.