Hiking Kouchibouguac: Traversing Diverse Landscapes

Hiking Kouchibouguac: Traversing Diverse Landscapes

Summer is an excellent time to explore Kouchibouguac National Park on foot, with an extensive network of hiking trails that wind through its diverse ecosystems.

Kouchibouguac River Trail

The Kouchibouguac River Trail is a must-visit for hikers. This 11-kilometer loop trail takes you along the picturesque Kouchibouguac River, offering stunning views of the water and surrounding forests. The trail is well-maintained and relatively flat, making it accessible for hikers of all skill levels.

Salt Marsh Trail

For those looking for a shorter hike with equally rewarding views, the Salt Marsh Trail is an excellent choice. This 2.1-kilometer trail leads you through one of the park’s most unique ecosystems—a vast salt marsh teeming with birdlife. The boardwalk trail allows you to observe the delicate balance of this wetland habitat from above.

Osprey Trail

The Osprey Trail offers a moderate 5.3-kilometer hike through mixed woodlands and along the shores of freshwater lagoons. This trail is named after the ospreys that can often be seen fishing in the park’s waterways.