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Cameron’s mill covered bridge

Cameron’s mill covered bridge

Covered bridge

Cameron’s mill covered bridge, bridges have Been introduced into our world Since the mid-us 1700 s  in Switzerland. The first bridge was called “Kapprellbrucke. This infrastructure has spread worldwide, and it was introduced in Canada In 1900. Nowadays, It is one of the famous attractions that drive tourism to discover New Brunswick.

New Brunswick

New Brunswick is one of four Atlantic provinces in eastern Canada, and it is an ideal destination for people to get away from the city’s hustle and bustle and reconnect with nature. Moreover, its history and culture are tempting to dive in and explore.


The reason behind building the covered bridges was utility. Therefore, instead of using ferries to transport horses and passengers across the river, they used the covered bridges. It was beneficial to protect commuters from rain, snow and weather changes.

So if you want to try walking in a covered bridge and to get away from the city’s bustling lifestyles and find your inner peace in a breathtaking place, where you can enjoy some quality time and some peace of mind, the covered Cameron Bridge in New Brunswick is the perfect place for you. You can reach Cameron’s covered Bridge from Kouchibouguac experience in 17 min via NB-480 W and Chemin Saint-Ignace Station.

Cameron’s Mill Covered Bridge

Of course, the Cameron’s Mill Covered Bridge in Saint Ignace is one of many Canadian heritage sites in the Maritimes, but it is not the only one. For fans of historic covered bridges, you could take advantage of your stay to visit the next covered bridge closest to the Kouchibouguac experience, Tom Graham Covered Bridge, at a distance of 36 km, in Weldford to the southeast.

A lot of information, guys, but do not get mixed up. Saint Ignace is a town adjacent to Kouchibouguac National Park. Its main attraction is its Saint-Ignace Golf Club- just 20 minutes from the cottages for rental offered by Kouchibouguac experience.

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