Phoca tours


My experience with phoca tours was just magical.


I used to see seals on TV, but this year I had the great fortune to see them in front of me thanks to phoca tours; an activity company based in Saint-Louis de Kent and just 5 minutes from Xperience Kouchibouguac.

Humm! I still remember this beautiful experience as if it was yesterday. It was in the afternoon of a beautiful sunny day, there were two super nice captains on board the boat, who welcomed us when we arrived. They helped us settle in and did everything they could to make us feel comfortable. We boarded their 30′ phocus boat which can accommodate up to 10 people in a comfortable lounge style.


Before the boat took off, one of the captains gave us a nice little welcome speech and then explained their safety and rescue policy and I must admit that this explanation helped me feel safer to fully enjoy the boat tour.

In my head I was getting on the boat to go and see the seals and come back, but little did I know that it would be an incredibly rich experience of discovery and learning.

A simple boat ride on the sea is simply amazing, not to mention being surrounded by the beautiful environment of Kouchibouguac. I was truly amazed by all the beautiful colors of the trees and the birds flying over our boat.


During the whole trip, we had the chance to listen and learn about the beautiful history of Kouchibouguac, told by Mr. Arnold, one of the captains of the boat and a native of Kouchibouguac. We enjoyed listening to him and taking part in the talk as well.

That’s it, after 1h30 we finally arrived at our destination, where thousands of seals are. We found them in the middle of the sea piled up on top of each other as usual, some walking around and others just standing there watching the progress of our boat next to them. It was so much fun to watch them move around…