Tobogganing Kouchibouguac Resort

Tobogganing Kouchibouguac Resort

Tobogganing at Séjour Kouchibouguac Resort.

Most of you guys must have childhood adventures and memories about tobogganing down the hill. Getting Bundled up in your snowsuits and equipment, gathering with your family and friends is the astonishing thing about a giant snowflake. 

Let’s go through some compelling facts about tobogganing. 

Let’s start with its origins. The word “Toboggan” is derived from the Mi’kmaq word “Tobakun.” It means sled.

It is a sport that originated on the slopes of Mont-Royal in Montreal. The first tobogganing club was founded in 1881 in Montreal, Canada. In the late 1880s, the winter activity spread to the United States of America. 

At first, toboggans were wooden and 7 to 10 feet long but narrow. However, they were pulled by a man or a woman with a chest harness, sometimes by sled dogs. Now Toboggan comes in different shapes and materials. You can purchase your own in different designs, various dimensions. They are also available for kids and for adults. 

Now tobogganing is a well-known and well-liked winter sport. Because why not? You are tobogganing down a snow-covered hill, inhaling the fresh air and feeling the adrenaline rush while letting yourself go within nature. 

The feeling of freedom and joy of successfully zooming all the way to the bottom of the hill with red chicks is just so exquisite. We can not always feel happy we reached the bottom. What you do next is get back up and continue enjoying the experience.

Tobogganing Kouchibouguac Resort

Remember spending time outdoors in winter helps to improve your creativity and focus. 

Everyone has their favourite hill or park. Ours is the Patterson Hill at the Kouchibouguac national park, one of Canada’s most beautiful national parks, where you can enjoy almost all winter activities and enjoy your vacation.

Join us and live the Kouchibouguac experience. Pack your gears. The hill waits for you.