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Experience Spring in All Its Glory

Blooming flowers, singing birds, renewing nature can only mean spring season has arrived, a breath-taking time of the year. As snow and ice turn into green grass and lovely blooming gardens, it seems like we all want to bust our winter blues. With warmer days finally here, Canadians want to return to their outdoor activities — and in our opinion, it’s never too early to start living the Kouchibouguac experience.

Whether you are looking forward to BBQ’ing, leisurely afternoons spent kicking back on the patio or exploring all of your favourite trails on your bike, we all know you’ve been waiting months to soak-in the springtimeKouchibouguac experience.

To get you going, here are five activitiesthat will surely liven up your stay at XpérienceKouchibouguac.


Sun Basking

It is time to replenish your vitamin D. Not only is sunbathing great to replenish your soul’s batteries, but it is also very nourishing for your body. Sitting on the patio of your cabin with a cold beer in your hand and enjoying a sunny day is just pure happiness.



Hiking in the woods is a great way to reconnect with nature. In the spring, refreshing your soul while enjoying the blossoming flowers all around you is a great way to greet the season.

Hiking is one of the most accessible ways to explore and which everyone canindulge the outside at your own pace. It’s essential to get the map of the trails, get equipped, and find a hiking buddy when getting started.



Every season has its glamorous setting. Spring season carries such astonishing change with all its fresh leaves, grass, and blooming flowers. It’s the perfect time to experiment and check out something new.For a photography lover, new and exciting shot that is waiting to be taken so make sure to keep that camera in hand. You do not want to miss nature’s revival.



Our lakes and streams are shedding their icy shells. We are perfectly located within a short distance from the Northumberland Straight shore, numerous Kent county rivers and streams and the mighty Miramichi river. Make sure you purchase your NB fishing licence before your stay with us.



There is just something special about cooking outdoors on the grill. The intense heat and the smoking adds dynamics of flavour to any dish that no stovetop can rival. Why wait until summer? Embrace the new warm spring days with your loved ones around your BBQ enjoying a delicious meal.

Join us and live Xpérience Kouchibouguac.

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