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Discovering Nature in All Its Splendour! There’s an App for That.

This year, during my biology classes at Mount Allison University, I discovered two apps that nature lovers (like me!) will certainly appreciate. The first one is called iNaturalist. This project was created in 2008 by National Geographic in cooperation with the California Academy of Sciences. The app is a way to connect the naturalist community of the entire world on a platform on which they can share images of plants, insects, birds, and mushrooms. In 2021, more than 4 million users are signed up on iNaturalist! Thanks to image recognition artificial intelligence, it is possible to know the common and Latin name of an organism, as well as plenty of other info from only a picture! On the map section, it is also possible to see all the different species observed in different parts of the world by the naturalist community. If you would like to keep up with our discoveries, visit @kouchxperience on iNaturalist!

Furthermore, iNaturalist offers a second service named Seek. Seek is an app which you can use to identify organisms through pictures thanks to AI.


The second app I really enjoy is eBird. This is a project from the Cornell Ornithology Lab. This is a must-have for all enthusiastic birdwatchers! With this app, you can measure the time and distance of your walks in nature and record the number of birds you have seen. It is a bit like PokemonGo, but for nature lovers. Personally, eBird has motivated me to get out and take walks in nature to “collect” birds on my list of observations. This makes eBird an excellent motivation to stay active and learn about birds at the same time!

Émilie LeBlanc


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