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Grotte et calvaire de Saint-Louis-de-Kent

Calvary comprising five statues: that of Our Lord and the two larrons, hanging from three large crosses; and the statues of the Virgin Mary and St. John Evangelist. These statues came from the workshops of the sculptor Jobin, from the City of Québec. Calvary rises near the church and overlooks the hill at the foot of which the cave is located.


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The World’s Largest Acadian Flag

In 2009, to mark the 125th anniversary of the Acadian flag and to firmly establish its trademark, the village of Saint-Louis-de-Kent has erected a flagpole that flies the giant 9.1 metres (30 feet) high x 18.3 m (60 feet) wide Acadian flag in the heart of the village.


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Le Pays de la Sagouine

The Pays de la Sagouine is a theatrical village and opened in 1992 on a small natural island in the middle of Bouctouche Bay. The Pays de la Sagouine is foremost a meeting place where the imagination of a great Acadian author, Antonine Maillet, gives life to many characters, all more endearing than others. This tourist attraction is unique in Canada because it comes entirely from a literary work.


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Middle Island Irish Historical Park

A provincial heritage place, Middle Island in Miramichi River was a quarantine station in the 19th century, specifically for Irish immigrants fleeing the Irish Potato Famine. Many perished while on the Island. In 1873 it was declared a permanent quarantine station by the Federal Government until 1948. Immerse yourself in the history while walking along sandy beaches and scenic trails; visit the Celtic Cross, Interpretive Centre, amphitheatre, the Captain’s Galley Restaurant, picnic areas and interpretive panels.


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Beaubears Island

Beaubears Island Shipbuilding National Historic Site: The only known undisturbed archeological site associated with national significance of the 19th-century wooden-shipbuilding industry in New Brunswick. Beaubears Island and nearby Wilsons Point together form Boishébert National Historic Site of Canada. Under the leadership of Charles Deschamps de Boishébert, many Acadians found refuge at Wilsons Point from 1756 to 1760. Beaubears Island was also an integral and functional part of the early settlement that gives testimony to the Acadian experience. Prior to Acadian settlements in the region, the Mi’gmaw people camped on the island.


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The World’s Largest Lobster

Shediac is recognized the world over as “The Lobster Capital of the World” for its lobster fishing industry. For that reason, in 1989 the Shediac Rotary Club thought it fitting to erect a monument in tribute of the delectable crustacean and promote its role in the development of our community. The late Winston Bronnum from Penobquis, New Brunswick, was commissioned to create this magnificent showpiece. The monument stands at 11 m (35 ft.) in length, 5 m (16 ft.) in width and 5 m (16 ft.) in height.


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Metepenagiag Heritage Park

Immerse yourself and discover the Mi’kmaq culture in a heritage setting. The Metepenagiag Heritage Park has a modern interpretive centre and two national historic sites for you to visit. The Mi’kmaq archeological site and groomed walking trails, perfect for walking enthusiasts or for a quiet interlude.


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Village Historique Acadien

Step into a real Acadian time with the interpreters as they go about their chores in period buildings; view fields and farmyards stocked with animals that the early Acadians raised to support themselves. The atmosphere and authenticity of the site’s historical reconstruction provide you of memorable moments in a pastoral setting, evoking the living conditions of the Acadians. It brings to life the ancestral customs and traditional trades of Acadians from 1770 to 1949. The memory of this charming place and its inhabitants will stay with you long after you leave. This is a perfect opportunity to discover the beauty and uniqueness of the village while strolling 2.5 km (1.6 mi.) around the premises.


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